That Moment When | You Get Your Mojo Back

Now we all know that when you're running a marathon you can't base your strategy on sprinting the whole way; that's a strategy for failure. For success, you need to pace yourself. The same applies to reaching those goals you've got; set a healthy pace and be prepared to sprint only when you're near the end. I know keeping your efforts measured is hard (trust me I know; I'm a graduate of the school of wanting things *right now*).

Free Yourself From The Tyranny of ‘Should’

Can, could, may, might, must, shall, will, would and should are the devil's time wasters. You don't 'try,' you 'do.' When you give yourself the option of 'do' or 'do not' and the 'do' is something that you know is going to challenge your comfort zone, it's a lot easier to lean in favour of the 'not.' That's why you have to change your modals from ones of probability, to that of obligation.