When You’re Too Tired Don’t Quit – Just Do It

Think of your role model, the person you aspire to be like...Now imagine their rise and their career or their success; do you honestly think they didn't have days where they wanted to give up, miss a deadline, a training session, a posting schedule? No, of course they did, but when you've got that little bit more dedication than everyone around you, you find a way to keep going and winning.

Its Time For Your Personal Appraisal

Don't forget, a self assessment isn't about punishing yourself for the things you haven't done or missing the targets you haven't met. It's about an honest reflection on your priorities and expelled effort. Priorities were made to be realigned so don't write yours in stone. And when you do self assess and you've met your personal expectations, why not reward yourself? Positive reinforcement doesn't have to just stay in the workplace...