Easy Maintenance Holiday Protective Hairstyles For Naturals

If you're anything like me, when taking some prescribed R&R on a sparsely populated island far from your daily grind, you transform into your most low maintenance self. I mean minimal to no make up, no heels or signature fashion, you just laze your days away comparing sunsets and eating well. When preparing for this kind of getaway, I like to ensure my hair stays equally effortless.

Five Expert Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers!

Those of us without the coveted 20:20 vision who enjoy faking it like we do with our contact lenses, know it can sometimes get a bit tedious keeping up the prescribed level of care for our eyes while travelling. Bringing along extra solution, trying to stick to the 12 hour wear time, not jumping into the pool for fear of contamination can all get pretty tiresome when you're trying to live your best vacation life. But fear not.