Put It In The Ether – Make Yourself Accountable

Accountability is motivation's best friend. It's always much easier to make it to the gym when you've planned to meet someone there; always easier to stick to the diet when you have to present your food diary to your support group; always easier to budget when you have a deadline to pay for your group holiday. In short, we're more likely to stick to stuff when we know we've got people counting on us.

It’s Time To Get Serious – It’s Time To Conquer

You have to dream big and hustle harder. Whatever the dream is, you'll have to put extra sweat and tears in (blood stains things). To make it to the top of your game you have to always be willing to give more than everyone else. You have to commit to working smarter and harder because the path is long, the escalators are broken and not everyone finished P90x.

When You’re Too Tired Don’t Quit – Just Do It

Think of your role model, the person you aspire to be like...Now imagine their rise and their career or their success; do you honestly think they didn't have days where they wanted to give up, miss a deadline, a training session, a posting schedule? No, of course they did, but when you've got that little bit more dedication than everyone around you, you find a way to keep going and winning.

Its Time For Your Personal Appraisal

Don't forget, a self assessment isn't about punishing yourself for the things you haven't done or missing the targets you haven't met. It's about an honest reflection on your priorities and expelled effort. Priorities were made to be realigned so don't write yours in stone. And when you do self assess and you've met your personal expectations, why not reward yourself? Positive reinforcement doesn't have to just stay in the workplace...

Always Give an Organised 100%

All year I've had this heavy feeling that I have too much catching up to do in order to catch up to everyone brave enough to start before me. As a result, I've had all these ideas swirling in my head that I've left un-actioned because I'm scared to commit to a path in case its the wrong one and I set my self back even further; thus, setting myself back even further.

Start, Start Over and Start Again

I promised you I'd return within a week, but life wouldn't be life if it didn't get in the way. How do I begin to account for my absence? Anxiety. An easily self diagnosed illness that seems to be over subscribed to by millennials, myself included. But you can't hide from the truth and the truth is I got overwhelmed and had to take a time out.

Light Bulb Moment – It Was Music All Along

After one of those weeks where you spend each day begging the weekend to come sooner, I woke up ready to take on the world for once on a Saturday morning. Where did this motivation come from? Mostly from the sickening thought that if I didn't get my act together and soon, I'd forever spend my weekdays begging the weekend to come sooner - and I can't live like that.