That Moment When | You Get Your Mojo Back

Now we all know that when you're running a marathon you can't base your strategy on sprinting the whole way; that's a strategy for failure. For success, you need to pace yourself. The same applies to reaching those goals you've got; set a healthy pace and be prepared to sprint only when you're near the end. I know keeping your efforts measured is hard (trust me I know; I'm a graduate of the school of wanting things *right now*).

Take a Chance on You | I Took a Chance on ME

It's no secret this blog started off as a bit of a secret (or was that a secret too?) However, after some much needed introspection on my life's goals and aspirations, I realised I'd never get anywhere if I didn't put myself out there. Investing in my own domain name, logo and team wouldn't mean a damn thing if I kept everything hidden and in the dark.

Stop Giving Up Before The End | Shower Thoughts

If you wanna be a BAWSE you have to commit to climbing to the top. Getting to the top means sometimes getting to the top of one ladder and then starting to climb another. The first climb might have been a breeze, but now you're scared the second one won't be. And it probably won't be. But that's what you signed up to on this road to conquering your life once and for all.