About This Introvert

Hey there! Welcome to The Millennial Introvert .com. I’m Yulanda, the resident introvert. After going on a few incredible vacations over the last few years, I realised that I have a passion for travel. I started this blog so I could share my journeys, experiences, tips and tricks with you all in the hopes of inspiring others to take to the skies as I have and also as a way to catalogue my own adventures.

As a young girl hailing from Guyana, a small country in the Caribbean, I never dreamed I could travel the world as much as I have done and intend to do. My eyes were opened up when I found inspirational travel blogs that showed me this lifestyle was within reach. Since that epiphany, I’ve made it my mission to get as much travel into my diet as possible and I’ll share with you all the ways I find to make that happen.

I’m a beach bum at heart so anywhere that promises white sand and clear waters catches my attention but a city break with tons of culture and adventure can also find its way into my travel rotation. If there are any stand out places you’ve visited you think I should add to my travel list, send them my way via my contact page!

Starting this journey is especially exciting for me as I’ll be heading out mostly solo (eep!). When I say my dream of full time travel seemed distant, doing so solo never crossed my mind. For the longest while I was of the opinion that people who went travelling did so in groups of friends which seemed the most logical way to do it; guaranteed companionship and there is safety in numbers – or so I thought. Binge reading numerous solo female travel blogs has changed my mindset (for the better) and I’m excited to see what adventures I have exploring the big wide world on my own.

I’ll also throw a bit of lifestyle into the mix which will include my general thoughts and ramblings along with some product suggestions and reviews to help us all indulge in that millennial lifestyle, my thoughts on the arts and general motivational musings.

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