Five Things Not To Do This Valentines Day | Valentines Day Tips

Valentines day is fast approaching which means you’re falling into one of two categories; coupled and celebrating or single and mingling… or a third category of not caring. Wherever you fall this valentines day, I’ve got 5 things you should know not to do either for this Valentines Day or those to come – and if you find you don’t need it, don’t bogart these tips for yourself, pass it on to a couple or single friend in need.

1. Don’t buy flowers on Valentines Day

If you don’t know this by now, where have you been all this time!? Flowers and chocolates have somewhat become synonymous with Valentines Day, and with that symbiosis comes a price hike on both these items. Speciality flowers and chocolates (think red roses and heart shaped chocolates) always increase in price for the occasion, often doubling, sometimes tripling and even quadrupling in price compared to other times of year.

That’s not to say forego these Valentines staples, but more so to make you aware so you can make an informed choice. It also doesn’t hurt to shop around on price if you do intend to get flowers for your significant other or special someone on Valentines day.

Better yet, if you can swing not celebrating Valentines day until the day after, unsold Valentines products get significant price reductions, especially flowers and Valentines themed chocolates. Not everyone can make the most of this hack, but if you can, use it!

2. Don’t Go out for a meal on Valentines Day

In the same stead, you want to avoid booking your Valentines meal on actual Valentines Day. Firstly, many restaurants tend to have a set menu for Valentines Day in order to maximise efficiency on the night; if there are only 9 items to choose from, there are only 9 items the kitchen needs to prep for. However, the set prices for these set menus tend to be a little bloated compared to what you would typically expect and who wants less choice in the first place?

Also, everyone else is going to be there making for really packed restaurants and potentially slow service. Why battle with the crowds if you don’t have to? Opting for a quiet, candle lit meal at home can be just as satisfying as well as kinder to your bank balance.

If you and your significant other want to set the ambience outside of your kitchen and insist on making the trip to dine out, consider making your reservation for the day before or the day after to avoid the extra mark up on your bill.

3. Don’t Write Cringy Instagram Captions

Instagram captions are totally fine on Valentines Day… just not cringy ones; leave those for Facebook. It’s not that your followers don’t appreciate how intensely you feel about your significant other or commend you for all the relationship adversity you’ve overcome and how strong your bond is to this day – they just don’t want to have to scroll through dozens of captions on their feed with ‘read more’ at the bottom. Facebook on the other hand, now that’s where you can profess your undying love to an audience that has the patience to indulge your relationship story.

4. Don’t Call Valentines Day a ‘Fake Holiday’

If you’re in the camp of ‘don’t care’ when referencing Valentines Day, that’s fine, no one is going to make you take it seriously. But there is no need to dampen the spirits of those who choose to part take in the festivities with the old line ‘it’s a fake holiday created by the card companies to take your money!’ There is definitely room for that to be true, but aren’t all secular holidays made up too? Why does Valentines Day get all the scrutiny?

Yes, sure, you should show love to your significant other consistently throughout the year and it shouldn’t be relegated to one day in three six five for you to indulge in some romance. BUT, what’s wrong with February 14th being one of the days you display that love and affection?

Single people and boo’d up couples alike have dropped the ‘fake holiday’ line so it’s not even about calling out the bitter Betty’s per se. Whatever the reason may be, those celebrating don’t care for it so you can go ahead and save your breath this year by letting it go.

5. Don’t Complain About Being Single

If you’re into Valentines Day, it’s never fun being single come February. But you shouldn’t let yourself get bogged down about not being in a relationship or put pressure on yourself yo have a date for the evening.

Instead of moping, why not pivot and make Valentines Day into a day of self care instead? Teat Yo Self! to a pamper session and get yourself a few presents while you’re at it. On the flip side, why not get together with some friends and spend Valentines Day doing something fun together? The possibilities are endless and not limited to moping around feeling sorry for yourself.


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