How To Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 5 – Episode 3 – The Baby Was Never Dead

SPOILERS, SPOILERS SO SO MANY SPOILERS!!!! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Season Five of ABC’s hit show, “How to Get Away With Murder” came back with force and left many viewers, myself included, looking for their snatched edges. Now we’re all familiar with the premise of the show by now; someone gets murdered and we work backwards each episode until we figure out who and then the story catches up to itself and insanity ensues.

Although only three episodes in, this season already has my full attention – I’m glued! From the first thirty seconds of the first episode, I could tell the HTGAWM writers had been in complete symbiosis when they began plotting for this season. You know it’s going to be good when you finish an episode and can’t wait for the next one or have to Google plot points and fan theories so you can squeeze as much out of the experience as possible.

I’ve had that feeling for the last three weeks so I’ve decided I may as well go ahead and present you with my own recap and theories for the rest of the season from here on in.

Let’s start with New Wes. Call him Gabrielle if you need to, but Mr. Milk Chocolate will mostly be referred to as ‘New Wes’ from this point in. Urm, was I the only one thinking he was Annalise’s baby? I was? Really? Oh, ok then, because the ‘Bonnie Baby’ reveal had me cleaning off my glasses – I so was not ready! I’m glad he made it onto the dream team but I really have no clue what his story is going to be. What is your purpose sir? New Wes has brought us more questions than he has answered at this point but all I’m hoping is that he’s a goodie and not a baddie because I really can’t handle another tall, dark and handsome being killed off. I have no shame in admitting 35% of the reason I watch this show is based on eye candy, so ABC writers, please keep your girl happy. Also, why does Frank have his eyes on New Wes? If Frank’s involved, we know trouble is never far behind and could be a heavy handed arrow pointing to New Wes being the bloodied body gasping in the snow. But like I said, I hope no. We’ve only scratched the surface on this new character, but I like him and I’m excited to see how his arc develops.

The lady herself – Annalise Keating. Last season Ms Keating cemented herself once again as the most bad ass lawyer you ever did see and we were here for it!! Here for it I tell you! This season she’s black listed and forced to work for CNG on their terms (I’m not feeling it) but it means that the fabulous Tegan Price gets to hang around and grace our screens as a season regular and I’m here for it! #blackgirlmagic. Annalise isn’t really causing too much chaos right this minute but at some point I’m expecting her to get her hands dirty so I’ve braced myself and I’m ready. Especially at the end of episode three where she just straight casual dropped da bomb that Bonnie has an evil twin. Now, I don’t know how to feel about this #plottwist. It’s come as a very late and convenient write in to Bonnie’s character (correct me if I’ve forgotten summin) and is screaming telenovella at me. I love a good over the top story – Passions was my ish growing up and I can’t wait for the new season of “Jane the Virgin” but evil twins in my nice gritty, developed drama ain’t gon cut it. Unless this is the ultimate misdirect and Bonnie is just insane and letting it all hang out… I’ll wait and see.

Laurel killed her mother – don’t @ me. Everyone is so busy trying to get chubby cheeks Christopher to smile that they’ve some how decided not to dig deeper into the suspicious ‘disappearance’ (read ‘murder’) of Laurel’s mother. Guys, come on, she done did it and we know it. Give that baby to aunty Annalise and drop Laurel off at da jail. If you don’t think she sent the christening gown to herself cause she wanted to make sure Christopher could wear it, you need to watch last season again and be honest with yourself. Now, it was reallllllll suspicious the way she was acting clueless at the wedding… she just gives me ‘something wicked this way comes’ vibes and I don’t like it. I’m keeping my eyes on this one because I can sense she’s a savage and you’re not going to catch me out when she eventually shows it.

My girl Michaela got ghosted and then dumped. And right before cuffing season too – lawd I feel for you. But did. you. see. the. way. she. dusted. herself. off. like. a. bawse???? Come now, that is why she is by far my favourite. Marcus was too old her her anyway and even though Scandal is finished (tear) I don’t think he would have fit – they just don’t talk as fast on this show. Now, it would seem Laurel’s secret savagery is contagious because my girl really did just drop poor Simon in a detention camp and went about her life like nothing happened and I have to side eye it just a lil, lil bit. I mean she still has some heart left because she wants Asher back (why? only the good Lord knows *heavy eyeroll*) but can she come back from it? I really need Tegan to go on and forgive her already because they would make my dream team! Tegan’s said already she know’s there’s something special about Michaela so she really needs to forgive and forget. Will she be the one to expose Bonnie’s evil twin? I hope so and I hope she doesn’t get killed while doing it. And can we take a moment to acknowledge when she went round for round with Annalise about strategy for the death row case?? My girl! My mouth was hanging open, I couldn’t believe it, but i loved it! Annalise 2.0/ Tegan in training – whatever you want to call it, I’m sold!

Connor & Oliver. These two love birds seemed set to have one good season together – that is until the end of episode three teased that Oliver might be dead/dying at their wedding; whoops! I’m curious to find out why Connor’s face was all bruised though – is he somehow involved in all the Bonnie Baby bullsh!t? I mean, I’m not going to lie, Oliver could die and I’d be ok. Don’t come for me. Yes I know he’s adorable and we’ve come to love and appreciate his hacker abilities buuuuut if you noticed him notice New Wes’ flip phone then you have to come to the conclusion he went and stuck his neck where it didn’t belong and now is stabbed and dying. Oliver and Asher are my two throw-aways. Either could be erased and I’d move along just fine (no offence). At least he has that nice paying job at CNG courtesy of Annalise right? Right???

Bonnie and her evil twin – girl what is you duwing?? I mean they’ve been teasing Bonnie’s terrible past since season one but did we know it was evil twin deep? No we di’nt! I’m reserving all judgement until I learn a bit more because I truly am lost! Also, why is Nath so interested in all of this? These character arcs have me asking tew tew many questions and scratching my head. I need more information before I can make an informed assessment.

So there you have my thoughts on this season so far. Check in again with your girl next Friday for my recap and breakdown of episode four. I can’t wait! Remember to like and share :).

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