Best Hotel Booking Sites For Solo Travellers

So that’s it, you’ve decided on your next holiday destination, you’ve picked your dates, your flights are booked and now it’s time to figure out your accommodation. This bit can be a bit stressful as we all want value for money when choosing where to stay, and if we’re not careful we can end up with what I call ‘bookers regret.’ You know, when you pick something based on the pictures only to find the end product is sub your expectations. Sigh, we’ve all been there.

That’s why I’ve put together my list of the best hotel booking sites for travellers with a leaning on solo travel. This list will hopefully help minimise future ‘bookers regret’ as there are some stand out features that work to help you get your money’s worth!

There are probably very few holiday goers who haven’t stumbled across this hotel booking site. is probably the first site most of us will visit when checking out accommodation and for good reason. The site offers a range of accommodation types from hostels, to resorts to hotels and spas, budget friendly to pocket bursting. However, my favourite bit of functionality on the site is that you can list search results by solo traveller rating. This is great insight for how other solo travellers have made out when staying at the same place which could be the tipping point for making your decision if stuck between a few options.

Another fan favourite, could be considered the cousin of Offering a lot of similar features, also offers a ton of extra rewards when you book. Collect ten nights worth of bookings and get one night free. If you’re a frequent traveller, this bonus soon adds up, potentially saving you hundreds over the course of a year. Downloading their app will also unlock ‘secret prices’ where you can save even more on your hotel booking as special discounts are applied. Definitely worth a browse when looking for your next holiday accommodation.


Travago is a fan favourite because it lets you compare hotel prices before you book. Once you’ve found the perfect hotel, Trivago will let you compare listed prices for your dates across tens of other websites, helping you find the cheapest deal for your dates. This is a little trick I use to make sure I’m always getting the best price when I book. How good is that?

Air BnB

If you’re looking for your home away from home when travelling, Air BnB is your best bet. The website offers hundreds of thousands of accommodation options from hosted, where you book a room in your hosts’ house, to un-hosted where you get the entire place to yourself including any additional amenities such as a pool or games room that might come with the property. Although I have never personally booked with Air BnB, I’ve heard great stories from close friends who have made the most of this site and thoroughly recommend it.

These are my top pics for finding your accommodation when travelling conventionally. I’ve been researching some nontraditional options like couch surfing which I’m eager to try out on my future travels. I’m excited to share these with you once I’ve had a chance to experience them. Until then, I hope you find my list useful and if I’ve missed any traditional booking sites off that you’ve found useful, let me know in the comments below.

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