That Moment When | You Get Your Mojo Back

To say it was touch and go for a moment would be an understatement, but I’m happy to announce I’ve got my mojo back. Yay me! I tried to force myself to come say hello on Friday, but my heart just wasn’t in it. It was just one of those lows you can’t really place, one you just have to let it wash over you and hope you come out the other side sooner rather than later and somewhat unscathed. I’m happy to report I’m unscathed.

The thing with loosing your mojo is that when you lose it, it can be tempting to allow it to stay lost. Chasing a dream and reaching for a goal can get exhausting. When exhaustion and stagnation set in, it can become that much easier to let our focus and determination slip. It’s only human to have limits and often times we can go so hard that we physically and mentally exert ourselves to a point of insurmountable weariness.

Now we all know that when you’re running a marathon you can’t base your strategy on sprinting the whole way; that’s a strategy for failure. For success, you need to pace yourself. The same applies to reaching those goals you’ve got; set a healthy pace and be prepared to sprint only when you’re near the end. I know keeping your efforts measured is hard (trust me I know; I’m a graduate of the school of wanting things *right now*).

So, what do you do if you get the pace wrong? You don’t turn around and go home that’s for sure. You take five minutes to regroup by the side of the road then you set off again; never quit, always rest.

I had such a nice rest I may have missed Tuesday’s blog post too (whoops!) but I am completely re-energised so expect top form once again (or just my regular form, I’m still growing!)

This is definitely one that should resonate somewhat so feel free to hop in the shower and think it over.

Happy Hump Day

The Extroverted Introvert

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