Nobody Said It Was Easy | But Why Is It So Damn Hard?

It’s August and I’m behind schedule; I’m behind the personally imposed schedule I only decided I should have been on just this minute. I feel like I’ve let the first half of this year slip away without taking any real leaps or bounds in terms of fulfilling my aspirations for 2018. I totally recognise that building a foundation takes time, but I’m impatient by nature and when I want something I have a habit of wanting it right now. Can you relate?

My determination to conquer 2017 is solid but my naivete is fading. I knew in January that my goals for this year were a one in one thousand likelihood of being achieved, but I really did think everything would fall into place nicely and quickly. Things seemed to work that way for me when I was younger; I can recall plenty a time when I put in minimal effort and got handsome rewards. The fact that this doesn’t appear to be one of those times is pissing me off #woeisme.

I didn’t expect the up hill battle to be quite so steep, but (and this is quite a nice silver lining) the fact I haven’t given up yet lets me know just how much I really want it (insert contented smiley face here – or don’t its whatever). I’ve never gotten this far on this particular dream before so I’m not willing to throw in the towel just yet.

Taking a deep breath and accepting that I’ve definitely stepped onto the bottom rung of a whole new ladder (think back to a few posts ago) has definitely helped me refocus. I have more than enough hours in my day to make progress (and if you’re honest, you do too) so if keeping on track means binge watching one or three less episodes of How I Met Your Mother of an evening then so be it. I know I need to spend my time and energy sculpting my dream. If there is one thing surviving spin class twice weekly has taught me, is that I can do anything I commit myself to.

Hopefully this funky mood I’m in (‘what mood?’ I hear you say) won’t last too much longer and I can get back to making strides. So here’s to working smarter and as well as harder. Here’s to stepping back and basking in my milestones because I have come a long way this year already. Here’s to not getting disheartened. Here’s to not giving up.

Nobody said it was easy. Now go do it.

Happy Tuesday,

The Extroverted Introvert

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