Take a Chance on You | I Took a Chance on ME

It’s no secret this blog started off as a bit of a secret (or was that a secret too?) However, after some much needed introspection on my life’s goals and aspirations, I realised I’d never get anywhere if I didn’t put myself out there. Investing in my own domain name, logo and team wouldn’t mean a damn thing if I kept everything hidden and in the dark.

So this week I made a decision, to be brave and to be a forward thinker so I posted Tuesday’s blog on my social media accounts. To say the response was overwhelming is an understatement. My site got the highest traffic it has ever seen and I got encouragement from so many people, I was totally blown away by the response.

That affirmation alone gave me that extra belief in myself and my passion project, enough so that I’ve stepped to the top of that ladder I was talking about on Tuesday. I know it’s still an upward climb from here, but I’ve come so far already that the thought of falling back to square one is unbearable – so I’d rather look to the skies and keep climbing.

The moral of the tale is, no one is going to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Getting to grips with your self belief and taking a chance on you is one of the best ways to see progress (that I’ve learnt so far).

Take the leap, it’s probably going to be a softer landing than you think.

What have you been itching to do but have held back from? Go hop in the shower and think about it…

Happy weekend musings.

Kisses (I’m in a silly mood while I’m writing this!)

The Extroverted Introvert

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