Stop Giving Up Before The End | Shower Thoughts

Every week, usually on a Monday and after the shock of a day in work following a blissfully unproductive weekend, I summon the last of my will power and take a spin class as penance for my sins over my weekly two day hiatus – it’s also supposed to help with my fitness levels, weight loss journey, blah, blah, blah, you get the idea.

Now, if for some reason you’ve spent the best part of the late 2000’s hibernating (I wish I could join you) and are unsure of what a spin class is, it’s a fitness class based around pedalling to the beat on stationary bikes in a dark room. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds (until you start to feel the burn that is…)

As much fun as my class is, it isn’t for the feint of heart and I wouldn’t recommend you turn up if you’re a beginner; by the end there are usually 1-2in puddles around most of the bikes where people have sweated out their souls. Part of the motivation to keep pedalling till you can’t pedal no more comes from the fantastic spin instructor. Not only does she play the best tunes to groove to, she knows just what to say to get you to keep going.

When we’re nearing the end of a particularly long or difficult track, often times pedals will begin to grind to a halt as the track begins to fade; at this point she’ll often say something along the lines of ‘pedal to the end!’ the implication of the end being the silence between the first track finishing and the next track beginning.

After hearing her say this a few times it really began to resonate with me. So many times in much that we do, we stop short just before the actual end of the goal we are reaching for. Instead of waiting for the track to finish, we move the goal posts up to when the volume starts to dip instead. But that’s not the true end.

We do this because coming to the end of something forces us to acknowledge how far we’ve come and answer if we’ve actually met our goal. It’s like all those almost empty product bottles we hoard in our bathrooms. We know there is only one more use left in each of them, but to use the last of the product would mean coming to terms with there being no more; coming to terms with having to spend money purchasing more or even coming to terms with the fact the product did nothing for you and now you’ll have to spend time researching a replacement. We don’t want to get uncomfortable and begin a new (product replacement) phase.

But I got news for ya. If you wanna be a BAWSE you have to commit to climbing to the top. Getting to the top means sometimes getting to the top of one ladder and then starting to climb another. The first climb might have been a breeze, but now you’re scared the second one won’t be. And it probably won’t be. But that’s what you signed up to on this road to conquering your life once and for all.

I’ve got two more rungs on my current ladder then I have to step on to the next. It’s scaring the crap out of me, hence the lack of posts last week (#reallysorry) but I’m going to do it. I know you’ve got what it takes to do it too.


The Extroverted Introvert

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