This is Not The Week You Will be Defeated

In Tuesday’s post I touched on the fact that these last few weeks in and out of work have been grinding the joy from my soul. Although I have been powering through and kept the posts coming (for the most part) I was definitely on auto pilot the whole time and wasn’t really that dedicated to producing good content for you all.

Although things were steadily moving forward on the website front, I felt completely stagnated when it came to my work and personal life. Everything just wasn’t going the way I wanted it to and it seemed like none of my hard work was paying off.

That is until about Tuesday when I hit a fantastic personal milestone on Shower Thoughts and then again on Wednesday when I got some fantastic news about my job role in work. With the addition of those new positives, life instantly took a turn upwards. I suddenly felt invigorated again to keep going and it cemented some of that grit I talked about on Tuesday.

It didn’t stop me from being tired though – I think that part of my recovery will have to happen over the weekend when body catches up to mind. But I say all that to say, it’s worth not giving up sometimes, even when you think you’ve peaked. I didn’t see things turning around anytime soon as recent as 5 days ago, but here we are 5 days later and I’m back on track. The affirmation in work and on this blog made my trials totally worth it.

So, although there isn’t much of a shower thought to take away here, I just wanted to tell you to keep going; you never know when your path will begin curve upwards.

The Extroverted Introvert

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