Everyone is Weird!

News flash, everyone is weird, it’s not just you. Now exhale and get on with your life. Just kidding! I’m totally going to elaborate on this, stick with me.

A lot of the times, especially for us introverts (with some extroversion) making sure we ‘fit in’ and ‘blend in’ are the thoughts that motivate our day to day actions. We internally brood over whether our last comment was taken the way we intended it, or whether it came across as offensive. We worry whether we laughed too hard at the joke or if we came across as sincere when offering the last bit of advice. We worry what people will think if we go for the last slice of pizza and we change outfits because it’s not what others are accustomed to seeing us wearing.

That kind of self censoring is exhausting and I’m here today to tell you to stop it. It’s time to start being unapologetically you. If that means you have no shame in claiming the last slice of pizza then go for it. Or if you’re confident enough to send under par food back in a restaurant, ignore the side eyes from the more socially constrained at your table and get the service you paid for! (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…)

Everyone is weird in their own ways, you just have to own who you are as a person. The more you become unapologetic about who you are as a person, the more confident you’ll become. Think of all the time you’ll win back each day not having to dwell on how others perceived you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as being self aware, but that’s completely different to being unapologetic. Being unapologetic is letting the world know you’re happy because you got a promotion you know you deserved. Being self aware is not going so far as to rub it in the faces of everyone you went up against who didn’t get it by asking if they want to come and celebrate with you; that’s just being a jerk.

But I digress. Being unapologetically weird is the most freeing way to live your life. Authenticity in magnetic – people gravitate towards it subconsciously. When you’re unapologetic about who you are as a person, you may find that your way of living starts to rub off on those around you. Walls start to come down and people will become a bit more authentic with you as a result because that is the environment you help create.

There was definitely a time where I lived as my unapologetically weird and authentic self and there was definitely a time when I didn’t. I can tell you at which time I was happier (hint, it wasn’t when I was hiding my truth).

This shower thought requires you to dig a little deeper, but it’s very necessary self reflection. Take this with you over the weekend and shower on it… maybe a couple of times to really let it sink it. And the next time you feel like censoring yourself, don’t, and see what happens.

The Extroverted Introvert.

(PS, if I hit a nerve, hit the like button)

2 thoughts on “Everyone is Weird!

    • The Extroverted Introvert says:

      Hi Clodagh, I’m glad you liked the post! Being introverted can be hard at times, but we’ll make it work 🙂


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