Welcome Fellow Introverts

I’m not the only introvert – thank God! I’m so glad I finally figured that out and now I’ll tell you what that means.

When I started this website, I knew my end goal was to build my readership and eventually open up my e-commerce store, thus owning my own business. But I was so determined to get from A to Z I didn’t pay any attention to the steps in-between; steps B to Y were simply glossed over in an attempt to keep my focus. If I let myself acknowledge that things were going to get hard before they got rewarding, I knew I would have probably given up by now.

I didn’t want to have to acknowledge that I had 25 steps I needed to map out before I could get to ‘Z,’ which signals the ‘end goal,’ whatever that might be. Owning this reality was something I was very reluctant to do. Instead I focused on the inconsequential decisions around each step I had to take, without really giving any thought to each in any depth like I should have.

But then I took my own advice and committed one of my plans to the ether; I set a date to move to the Netherlands and even pinned it to my vision board. All of a sudden shit got real and I got cracking. I invested in my future (check out the new domain name) and signed up to the WordPress Fundamentals course (we’ll call that step ‘A.1’).

Day four’s lesson was about setting your target audience. This was definitely something I had ignored doing as obviously Shower Thoughts were for everyone (right?). But my self imposed deadline seemed to be looming and my website needed to start growing so I decided to take the lessons seriously and really gave some thought to who my musings were for.

After I stopped kidding myself that they were for me (they are, but they’re not) I settled on the notion that I was writing for my fellow introverts. After searching a few tags in the reader I quickly realised we were densely populated in the blogging sphere and that made me smile. There were others who I could be sure internalised their emotions just like me; who had vivid head spaces; who were dreamers and readers; who were placid and kind and openhearted but also really benefited from having their own space. There were others like me.

There’s you. You are who I write for, to let you know you’re not weird for having 3 different story sub-plots playing out in your head at any one moment (please tell me you do that too) or for not being able to vocalise your emotions without putting pen to paper. I write for you. I write for us; the introverts.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, I hope you’ll stick around for more shower thoughts (from someone who wholly inhabits your introverted world) every Tuesday and Friday.

Today’s Shower Thought: You are not alone.

Now gets to sudsing

Your friendly, neighbourhood introvert.

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