I Know You Missed Me

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Shower Thoughts of an Extroverted Introvert; I know you’ve missed me. Missed me and all my whimsy, my truth, my inspiration – toot toot! (that’s me blowing my own horn).

But all joking aside, I have missed you! Even lying on a beach in a spectacularly sunny nook of the world, I couldn’t get rid of thoughts relating to this website and what I was going to post about when I got back along with how much work I had to do to take things to the next level. I spent a good portion of time each day, complementary spirit and mixer in hand, scoping out the future of my brain baby… and it terrified me.

Here’s the thing, usually when I take off for two weeks its to relax and unwind. From the second I step out of the office door and not a minute before my foot crosses the threshold on my first day back, not a thought runs through my mind relating to work, passion project or otherwise. But this time was different. This time I was on holiday as a BAWSE and even when maxing and relaxing, we know that we can never fully drop the ball. We can lower our hands from above our heads; we might rest the ball on our stomachs while sat on a sun lounger, but we never drop it.

You don’t know how giddy that thought made me. The thought of *me* being so invested in something I can’t even mentally put it down while on holiday – I wish this feeling could be translated into a book (icing meet cake). Don’t get me wrong, these Bawse thoughts didn’t stop me from fulfilling my full holiday potential (I’ve got some stories to tell you – and some I won’t be telling anyone) it just kept the fire burning so that I could pick up right where I left off when I got back.

Now I’m not going to lie, a heavy Saturday night did make for a pretty hazy Sunday spent eating Mcdonalds, followed by Dominos and not much else. But somewhere in the haze of my post holiday come down I made a plan of action and re-committed myself to this endeavour and boy are there some exciting times ahead!

I say all that to say, you’ll know you’re chasing the right dream when its all you can think about. If you’re treating your dream like a new mom who rings the sitter every half hour to check how her baby is doing, you’re chasing the right dream. If you’re treating your dream like a house plant you forgot to water for two weeks while getting blackout drunk in Cancun, it’s probably not the goal for you – just saying.

Now go turn on your shower and think about what I’ve said – then come back and let me know if I’m right and give this post a like.

Come again on Thursday.

The Extroverted Introvert


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