Sometimes Your Best Source of Motivation is You

I’ll start by saying it’s been a hard week; deadlines are looming, the weather has been horrendous (think torrential) and I dread having to wake up at 5:30am on a Saturday, but it looks like that’s what I’m doing (fundraising waits for no man).

So when I got in tonight and Netflix greeted me with the new season of Orange is The New Black I just couldn’t resist and settled in to catch up with the girls of Litchfield. Fast forward to episode three and my brain decides to remind me I have one outstanding post to fulfil; this week’s shower thought.

To say I was kinda pissed, kinda exasperated at the realisation is an understatement. But still, I paused episode 3 and loaded up my baby, my website. I hadn’t yet made up my mind on if I was going to bother to post anything until I landed on an old ‘When you’re tired, just do it.’

I re-read the words I wrote on a day when I was feeling much like I am today; tired and run down. But my honesty on that day resonated with my current self and fanned the flame just enough for me to open a blank post. My past self knew just what my current self needed. An hour ago, nothing any other human being said would have motivated me. I was resigned to letting the dream slip away until I was reminded by myself that I do in fact have the power to keep going. And so I did.

It’s always good to lean on others in our weakest moments, but sometimes we just need to dig deep and find the strength within ourselves. It may hurt to did that deep, but when we relight our own fire, it helps believe in ourselves that much more.

So, next time you find yourself in the shower (and I hope it’s soon) give yourself an honest talking to; you may find that you’re the best at reaching you.

And I’ll be doing the same for myself; tomorrow; at 5:30am; as I prepare to make my way up a mountain. I suppose it’s all for charity…

Until Tuesday,

The Extroverted Introvert

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