Write A List And Take Control of Your Life

If you’re ready to free yourself from the tyranny of should (previous blog post – go check it out after this one) then you’ll firstly need to write a list. Sounds too simple enough doesn’t it, but the simple avenues are sometimes the best place to get our quick wins.

Every evening and weekend at the beginning of my journey with this blog I would tell myself ‘today I’m going to get everything done’ and low and behold I would never make time to accomplish anything. I would revel in any and every distraction that meant I didn’t have to face ‘everything.’ That’s mostly because I never set out for myself what ‘everything’ was. Without defining ‘everything’ I made what on some days turned out to be quite easy tasks seem insurmountable. They were insurmountable because they were all balled into one giant mass labelled ‘chore’ in my head and I’d find a more appealing way to spend my time not working through them.

This led to much time wasting in the grand scheme of my life plan and although I was further ahead than I’d ever been before, there is so much more I could have achieved; so much more I could have conquered if I’d just sat down and made a list at the start of it all.

Luckily I was paying attention and learning from my Bawse book (scheduled to be one of the first posts in the upcoming ‘Views and Reviews’ section of this blog – watch this space) and the unicorn herself Lilly Singh told me to stop time wasting and make a list. So I did.

Over the bank holiday weekend I decided to add structure to my days and as well as having well earned relaxation time, I’d scheduled some productivity. Now, I was a big advocate for lists back when I was riding high on confidence and the world was my oyster. It kind of makes sense now why I was such an over achiever before; I would start each day with a to do list and would relish ticking tasks off at the end of the day.

I caught a glimpse of that side of me again when I woke up yesterday and wrote my first list in a long while. It was a mixture of chores and goals ( 1x load of laundry mixed in with researching e-commerce opportunities that fit my website) but once everything was written down and separated out into individual tasks, well it all just felt a lot more…’montable.’

By the end of the day I’d completed everything on the list bar ‘write Tuesday blog post’ but I didn’t beat myself up about that because I feel like my thoughts flow better when I write in the moment anyway – keeps me honest. Needless to say, bank holiday Monday was the most proactive and productive I’ve been on this journey thus far and I’m looking forward to continuing like this.

Think about lists next time you’re in the shower and demolished the insurmountable into the mountable.

Until next time,

The List Making Introvert*

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