Terror Makes You Pause But Conviction Makes You Jump Pt 1

If you’re just crawling out from under a rock and have no knowledge of what’s gone on in the world today, take a moment to Google ‘Manchester incident May 23rd’ before continuing.

You caught up? Ok, good.

As a resident in Cheshire who frequents the city centre in Manchester, the events of last night and earlier today are weighing somewhat heavy on my heart. The world today is in a sad state and although we do have to choose keep going for our own sakes, sometimes it’s good to take timeout to contemplate on these sad things, even if just for a little bit, to show that even when we choose to keep going, we’re not doing so unaffected.

That’s why I’m going to press pause on the momentum I was trying to build and take the evening to give these happenings my full attention; to think about how we all have a duty to affect change; to think about how I can do more than just be continually dumbfounded.

Give me today and I promise to get back on track for Friday.

The Extroverted Introvert

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