Put It In The Ether – Make Yourself Accountable

Accountability is motivation’s best friend. It’s always much easier to make it to the gym when you’ve planned to meet someone there; always easier to stick to the diet when you have to present your food diary to your support group; always easier to budget when you have a deadline to pay for your group holiday. In short, we’re more likely to stick to stuff when we know we’ve got people counting on us.

That’s why sometimes it’s good to share your goals and make yourself accountable. Putting things into the ether can sometimes have a positive effect on you in that you don’t want to disappoint so you make an extra concerted effort to deliver. It worked for me and this blog; before I made public the expectation of a blog every Tuesday and Friday, I was accountable to no one when it came to posting and the dates on my first few posts show it wasn’t doing me any good. As soon as I made it known I was developing a schedule, I instantly felt more compelled to take this seriously. The result? I’m now two weeks on schedule (baby steps).

Now I want to make myself accountable for more and stretch myself further. So here goes; I’m in the process of developing a book review element to this blog. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be monthly to start off with but I’m still working on the logistics. The aim is to launch this officially at the end of the month, but I’ll do my scoping and let you know the real agenda soon enough.

There, I’ve said it. Now I just have to stick to it. This ‘getting your bawse on’ is harder than I thought. Staying committed and enthusiastic is harder than you’d think. The work/life balance always throws us off and most people fall at the first hurdle at the end of the day because they are just too tired and can’t keep grinding. Sucks for them. We’ll think of them fondly when we get to the top.

Until then, get your act together and make yourself accountable in as big or small a way you deem necessary. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Happy Thursday,

The Accountable Introvert

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