When You’re Too Tired Don’t Quit – Just Do It

Its only week one of my new posting schedule and I’ve hit a wall. Bummer. The main reason is because I’ve been away all week travelling for my job. The offices I visited are all no less than 300 miles away from my base and they are all about 2 hours away from each other still. So my days were full of early mornings and late nights where I wanted to do nothing more than get food delivered to my hotel and unwind as much as possible with the dodgy hotel Wi-Fi.

After check in and food I used the last of my energy to put together Tuesday’s post. It was rushed, but honest and just what I needed to keep my head in the game. You all also seemed to like it because I got quite a few (3) likes (I’m slowly but surely doing this). That was the first time I also invested time in an original cover image; artists of the world, you can see you have nothing to worry about, but I’m still going to celebrate my baby steps.

My hectic week also fried my brain enough that I just couldn’t get inspired when it came time to write today. A bit of that self doubt crept back in because I submitted another piece to the website I write for but it was rejected for someone else’s work. Shall I be honest? Ok, the truth is I know it wasn’t my best writing and I just threw something together because I was desperate to keep riding the wave of motivation I’d been on these past few weeks. It was easy enough to take the ‘L’ but it did slightly wind me and made it even harder to come back from when it came time to put finger to pad tonight.

But that’s why you can’t win without dedication. Think of your role model, the person you aspire to be like; I didn’t have anyone I wanted imitate except to be the best version of me until this year (here’s looking at you IISuperwomanII). Now imagine their rise and their career or their success; do you honestly think they didn’t have days where they wanted to give up, miss a deadline, a training session, a posting schedule? No, of course they did, but when you’ve got that little bit more dedication than everyone around you, you find a way to keep going and winning.

Dedication will feed into your motivation and you’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other. So instead of missing the second day of my own personally prescribed writing schedule, I decided to trust my instincts and write about me and the rest is the above.


I know I would have let my lack of steam be an excuse to not write again until next Tuesday if I hadn’t pushed myself tonight. I’m so grateful for this winning streak. Long may it last.

Until next Tuesday.

The Extroverted Introvert

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