Always Give an Organised 100%

Have you ever wanted to succeed so bad that the yearning and desire to reach your goal overwhelmed you to the point of stagnation? Yeah, me too.

All year I’ve had this heavy feeling that I have too much catching up to do in order to catch up to everyone brave enough to start before me. As a result, I’ve had all these ideas swirling in my head that I’ve left un-actioned because I’m scared to commit to a path in case its the wrong one and I set my self back even further; thus, setting myself back even further.

But in the last few days I’ve managed to pin point this pit fall and now I’m ready to conquer it. The first step is to get organised. Organisation is the key to success; corny but true. Without an action plan there is no way to gauge your successes and falls and it makes it hard to focus. Without focus, you’re just floating around aimlessly wishing for success to land in your lap. The hard truth is, it won’t.

I had to accept this hard truth and I’m now all the better for it. Not only am I going to plan my path to success, I’m going to commit to it. And even if I pick the slow path or have some set backs, failing is learning and I’m ok with that.

My new commitments:

  • To post every Tuesday and Friday
  • To build my online brand via my new Instagram page (follow me at theextrovertedintrovert_ to keep me accountable)
  • To finish my online marketing training programme
  • Recommit to my life in The Netherlands

Its easy to be ambitious but ambition without organisation is chaos. I’m saying no to chaos and yes to believing in myself. One of my biggest struggles was believing in my own choices. I would put so much pressure on myself to make the ‘right’ and ‘best’ choice I would struggle to even commit to choosing a Netflix movie. Not anymore though. Now I’m happy to say I make educated choices regarding building my brand and starting my self employed career.

The dream is to be the boss of my own company and you can’t be a leader if you don’t have confidence in yourself. So this is it, this is the beginning of phase two. I’m going to stay ambitious and get organised.

Watch me conquer life.

Until Tuesday,

The Extroverted Introvert

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