Start, Start Over and Start Again

Tuesday 11th April

I promised you I’d return within a week, but life wouldn’t be life if it didn’t get in the way.

How do I begin to account for my absence? Anxiety. An easily self diagnosed illness that seems to be over subscribed to by millennials, myself included. But you can’t hide from the truth and the truth is I got overwhelmed and had to take a time out.

I could say it was work, but that would only do justice to half of it. I just wasn’t feeling like my new for 2017 goddess self. So I took the necessary time to regroup and here I am, starting over…continuing.

Saturday 14th April

And now we continue.

I started writing that at 1am on a work night when I just couldn’t find sleep. Instead of fighting it, I decided to make the most of my sleep deprivation and got some writing done. I instantly felt better and the motivation has slowly been building in me all week to the point where I just had to come back and finish this post.

I went so far as to start my own Twitter page and I created my own (very simple) logo. I think you should take a minute to go follow me @ThoughtShowerss. Don’t ask me how pissed I was that @showerthoughts was already taken – I completely intend to steal their audience and outshine them.

But I digress.

What I’ve come to terms with this week is that taking a break is not giving up. No one went from the start to the finish without stumbling on a few hurdles; for me, those hurdles are some periods of anxiety and heavy self doubt. But this is the first time I’ve not let the funk slow me down and keep me down and I’m kind feeling myself for snapping out of it. If any of this is resonating, take it as proof you’re not in it alone.

I’ve decided to make a big deal out of the little things, just to keep myself motivated as rewards for the little things keep you pumped to achieve the big things; thus I bring to you, ‘monthly milestones.’ At the end of every month I’m going to make a list of all my achievements and celebrate them and I totally think you should too.

Anyway, I’ve got a deadline for an album review with my name on it (sadly, someone else got Kendrick so again, I’m pissed) but it’s progress and continuity, so yay me!

But remember, it’s not giving up just because you take a break or change direction or your priorities as long as you always start, start over and start again.

Doi for now.

The Extroverted Introvert

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