Once You See Results It Becomes An Addiction

Previously on ‘Shower Thoughts'(continue in the style of a TV recap) I told you I’d settled on my purpose and my next step was to start writing for the music industry. Within minutes of posting that I’d found a startup online music publication and registered my interest in writing for them.

I’d be writing album reviews, meaning, I had a reason to blast new material on repeat and miss out on choice social gatherings due to ‘deadlines.’ The introvert in me rejoices. My first review was so well received, they published it on the highest traffic day for the site and without any edits; yay me!

It was a very well received birthday present to say the least. Now it seems I’ve been bitten by the writing bug. As I await the release of the next great rap album (someone already took More Life – I was pissed) I thought I’d come pay you a visit and catch you up.

Once you see success, it really does become an addiction. My next move is to add to the list of publications I write for which means buckling down and doing what I love least – research. But getting used to that part of the job will be good for me.

I’m also contemplating doing an online course in SEO, content editing, marketing and all that good stuff. The cheaper the better.

For now I’m going to go back to stretching out my aching muscles and looking forward to the weekend. Back to back business trips have knackered me but being tired for something I don’t enjoy spurs me on. So this time next week I promise to post again. And the week after that and the week after that.

Being my own inspiration is powerful; being my own motivation is a blessing; being my biggest asset is freeing. Time to use these things to my advantage.

Worryingly it’s almost April, meaning the first quarter of this year is almost over. For quarter two my focus will be on building momentum and having more follow through.

I love thinking out loud with a frazzled brain.

Until next week,

The Extroverted Introvert




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