Light Bulb Moment – It Was Music All Along

After one of those weeks where you spend each day begging the weekend to come sooner, I woke up ready to take on the world for once on a Saturday morning. Where did this motivation come from? Mostly from the sickening thought that if I didn’t get my act together and soon, I’d forever spend my weekdays begging the weekend to come sooner – and I can’t live like that.

So I woke up, made myself some pancakes, did the weeks shopping, got my car washed (from filthy to fabulous in 1.5 hours) and sat down to do some freelance writing. Only, I was in a more creative spirit than that required for banging out CV’s and cover letters for those less literary inclined.

Instead I caught up on some TV and watched one too many episodes of Mom before deciding the day hadn’t gone too far for me to pull it back. So I started researching freelance jobs until my stomach decided it was time for dinner.

I decided on homemade chips and as I had the house to myself, was blasting a Tidal playlist while twerking in my kitchen when it hit me; why not write about what I love? Music! It was truly a light bulb moment.

When I made my resolution to write more this year, I didn’t quite know what about. This blog was supposed to help me with that and it did. I’ll keep it a hodge podge of my feelings as well as my progress for now, but you might see some reviews popping up on here soon until I feel this out and decide. I’ve settled on a calling and now I can really focus on achieving these dreams of mine.

It’s funny, I was actually thinking the other day that I hadn’t posted a ‘shower thought’ yet even though that’s in the title. This isn’t so much a shower thought I had, as more of a day dream. I had a dream that I was in a bar/cafe or somewhere, in the Netherlands, hanging out with Rihanna – totally cool, I know. I woke up thinking I really wanted to make it happen but couldn’t put my finger on how. But now I know. I’m also taking it as more of a premonition too – this was supposed to be my path all along and I’ve just happened upon it.

The hard work starts now though. Please feel free to leave me your suggestions on how I can do this because for now I remain clueless. Oh yeah, if I didn’t make it clear, I don’t just aim to meet Rihanna, I AM going to do it in the Netherlands. Watch this space.

For now it’s back to researching and applying for all freelance music work available.

Wish me luck.

The Extroverted Introvert



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