I’m a High Functioning Introvert

I thought of that title over a week ago but haven’t had the time to sit down and write something do it justice. And I still don’t.

But I was beginning to miss the feeling of letting something whimsical spill out of the pads of my fingers and across my keyboard, so here goes.

The freelance thing? It’s actually working out. I was a complete sceptic at first but I filled my first order this week on a first draft. I can totally do this. In the interest of being honest, I’ve not taken another order since because I got white girl wasted at the weekend and I like to spend my evenings doing nothing.

But I’m setting myself the challenge of writing two pieces of work during the week and building up (slowly) to two at the weekends as well. We’ll see.

Motivation is my biggest demon. I always seem to let a lack there of be the reason I don’t fulfil my goals. But not this year. I know its only February but I haven’t given up yet and that’s more than I can say for last year…well, every year since I left high school, so the last 8.

I’m a high functioning introvert who appears to currently be winning (minus the day job but that’s a whole different thing). So for now, that’s going to be my focus – to keep winning.

I’m starting to get the feeling this blog is going to be very much about me and not much else, but, if you think back, I did warn you I’d settle on a flow and you may not like it.

I hope you like it.

Until next month,

The Extroverted Introvert.


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