I Told You So…

It’s been a few weeks, but you were warned. The spark that made me start this blog died down when I fell back into the routines of life; work, home, socialising. It all went back to being neat and simple and I wasn’t fired up to follow through with the goals I’d set myself for this year.

But then this week I was reminded of why I started this and why I need to continue to write. Even if it is just a few simple words strung into barely interesting sentences, I need to make myself do this because I don’t want to live my life blending in.

When I was younger I was passionate about my future and was under no illusions that I was made to be extraordinary. But somewhere between then and now I lost my confidence in myself and my light began to dull.

This year I’ve decided no more. I started this blog as an outward manifestation of my greatness fulfilled and I’ll  be damned if I don’t fulfil it.

My Dutch is getting there (tell you all about that later) and I’m back on the look out for free lance writing jobs to help build my experience and catalogue.

Lena Dunham is my spirit animal so I won’t do anything but succeed.

I may have had a blip this year but I got back up and I’m going to keep at – damn it, my pizza is here…

Ok, real talk, I’m a total work in progress and my greatness isn’t going to happen over night. So for now I’m going back to eating pizza and catching up on How to Get Away with Murder, but I’ll write again soon. And the time after that will be even better.

Goodbye for now.

The Extroverted Introvert


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