J Cole ‘KOD’ – Album Review

Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed, Kill Our Demons are just some of the ways J Cole tells us we can interpret the acronymic title of his fifth studio album, "KOD." With a heavy hand and in a tidy 42 minutes, Cole speaks on the pit falls of addiction and drug abuse past, present and future.

Donald Glover as Childish Gambino – This is America | Four Biggest Themes

Donald Glover as his lyrical alter ego Childish Gambino this weekend released new track and video for "This is America." It's safe to say the video had everyone that watched it collectively clutching their chest and gasping for breath with black Twitter erupting into frantic commentary. Why? Because the video vulgarly and unapologetically encapsulates what it means to be black in America today.  

Three Reasons Drake’s Nice For What Bangs Hard

Unless you're completely disconnected from black Twitter, you can't have missed the buzz Drake's third single of 2018 has caused. Nice for What is an instant hit with endless re-play value - be prepared to bop along for hours. Definitely one for the ladies, Drake talks millennial female strength and struggle on his bounce inspired bop.

Within the Prennial Cartel | A New Year Resolution

Just because you didn’t finish your puzzle on Christmas day, doesn’t mean you need to undo all the pieces and start from scratch on boxing day. That would be a ridiculous waste of time. Yet, that’s what our new year resolutions have us doing every year! Madness. This year, don’t start again – pick up where you left off.